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rosies-phone-052-copyTomorrow night, New Years day, at about 11:30 PM I said “I do”  to a 19yr. old Miss Rozella Ann Odle from Rosedale Kansas. That and few other major details was about all I new about her, except, at that time and place we needed each other rather badly. I new she didn’t like to back up when she set her foot down, she liked to laugh, she was very curious about everything, and she could cuss better than me if she had to. She was pretty, she had already seen enough pain, wasn’t sure about me, and I liked her dark hair and those eyes when I looked down in them. I didn’t know she loved to dance and was good at it, I didn’t know she could already cook as good as my Mom, and she wasn’t used to a lot of fine things around. She didn’t know I meant what I said or that I had no education, or that I had no skill I could earn a living with. But we did it anyway; 90 miles from home in Miami OK Jan 1 1961. She knew all I had was a full time job at an A&P store in Mission KS and the 1949 Chevy Club coop with the lowered front end, great big tires on the back, plus one pin striped suit that fit bad and a few cloths and guitar was all I had to start a life with. She brought two friends along, a girl she grew up with and her boyfriend who thought a double wedding would be fun to try. So here we were cold tired and excited to be so far from home and ready to take the only chance we had. We found out about 9 o’clock me and Al was under age and we had to have a parents signature. Our parents didn’t even know where we were… I had left home a year earlier and AL’s parents were in Washington State. Someone said just go find someone that will say they are your parents and your on your way. Al and I left the girls somewhere and we went to a local bar to find two patrons that needed $10 dollars and the four of us ( me Al and two drunks) took off to find the justice of the peace to sign the paper. The justice lived out in the country it seems and he might or might not answer the door if he was sober, We found his house and I knocked….the door opened and there in his bath robe with a patch over one eye like black beard the pirate, stood his honor. He wasn’t smilin’…..I had told my $10 dollar daddy how to spell my last name, (he got it wrong anyway), Al got signed on… I paid the justice for his service and back down the road we went, fast as we could. We dropped off the Dads at their bar with their new fortune and headed for the girls. Someone said hold it…we all have to get a blood test…..I didn’t like needles but agreed and we ran down to a Hospital and got “that” paper signed. “What time is it” someone  said, if we hurry, we can be married on January the 1st….. we went back to the Corral Motel and Chapel where we got most of our info for our brand new license, stood up before a deacon and a little old lady on an old organ that knew the right song quite well, and made it just before midnight. Now I know she still likes to laugh, she can still dance, she  can cook better than my Mom did, 56 years goes by fast when yer have’n fun…….and I know what love is. PAC82014 130

Every Fool Has A Rainbow

by larry on April 6, 2016

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I guess it’s kinda ironic that I just put this song up today after having recorded it almost a year ago, because I just heard on the news that the author and performer of the original song has left this world for eternity. Merle Haggard passed away today at the age of 79 and I remember the first time I ever heard of him. My cousin came for a visit from California and he had an album called Live in Philadelphia. He said you need to hear this guy I think he’s great and we played that album over and over till I became a big fan even though I wasn’t into country music that much back then. Time goes by fast; he was a young recording artist back then and I watched him grow older and wiser over the years till he couldn’t stay any longer. And that’s the way it goes ’round and ’round till we spin off to another world we know very little about but you know you’re going anyway …..somewhere over the rainbow and Every Fool Has a Rainbow.



Bois D’arc Guitar

by larry on April 3, 2016

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Here are a few pics of the Guitar made from a plank of Hedge or Bois ‘D Arc Wood just finished it today..


Rain Songs

by larry on May 30, 2015

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How many rain songs can you name? Like ” It’s Raining in My Heart ” ( Holly ) ” Just a Walkin’ in the Rain” ( Ray) ” Is It Raining at Your House” ( Gosdin) . There must be thousands of songs with the word rain in them and right now in the midwest at least they would all fit right in. ( I just wish I had put that grass seed down back in April ) usually it is turning dry right now. Anyway rain songs…… ” Who’ll Stop the Rain” (Credence ) and “Oh Rainy Day Woman” (Jennings ) Maybe I should do the next gig with lots of rain songs ………or maybe not. Just thoughts of a man struggling to find something to write about…I just got my new audio interface from Amazon since my old sound card went belly up it’s a Fire Studio Mobile; hopping that the ten year old design will still function with the O. S. Also had to buy a new printer the old Cannon gave up the ghost……which leads me to think……how many phrases are there to describe some thing that died or quit working?  Kick the bucket…..curled up and died……..went six feet under….etc.

The New Country

by larry on November 9, 2014

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IMG_2068 - CopyCountry music has lost it’s identity; I think we can all agree on that  i.e. it don’t sound like the old country so people my age don’t recognize it; there for we don’t buy it. (That being said are we as an age group going to buy music anyway?) Some, but not much, not like a younger person who’s fire is still burning out of control….but what is it, that I don’t like about it? After watching the CMAs the other night (fast forwarding through most of the songs) I wandered why I can not connect with this music? and finally it dawned on me…’s boring….I mean to me it is a string of one syllable words put together with one note per word at the same beat… calypso, no waltz, no reggae, no blues …..just the same 4/4 at about 140 bpms and all with the same subject matter…. I mean we get it, you had a party in your truck… your little home town ……with your favorite home town girl…….and drank some beer….ok SOoooo!! (It’s the formula that is selling and the music industry has to keep the cash flow) but tell me a story about something else, or tell me the same story in a different way. If you need examples go back trough the history of music and see how they were done in the past. Change the words to current vocabulary and phrases and see what happens… might have someone say “now that’s different I never heard that before”. (even though they have) Yes I know I’m old but dammit let’s try something old ….. it might sound new and be timeless. Remember what happened to  DISCO?

Back From the Black Hills

by larry on October 14, 2014

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Rosie and I packed a few things in two suit cases and took off for the black hills a week ago. We only had four days, so we had to make tracks because we were supposed to make breakfast at church for the Rotary Club on Fri Morning. We made it as far as Yhangton SD after getting a late start Mon. Morning and stayed in a little motel not far from the Missouri River. Then a ride through the Bad Lands Park and next day we arrived in Hill City about 10 miles from Mount Rushmore. We took in Mount. Rushmore and headed for Dead Wood making a loop to Hot Springs SD and stopped to see the Mammoth Archeological Digs. Someone in the 80s started construction on a housing project and found some bones and new it was important. He called in some expert and it became the most significant find of Colombian Elephant bones ever found. Prehistoric fossils are fascinating to me and we spent some time there going over all I could, to get an idea of what had happened there 10,000 years ago. A cave formed under the ground surface and eventually caved in leaving a hole that fill with water sense the walls of this hole were strait up and down anything that fell in could not climb out. The animals of that period would walk up to get a drink, fall in and would drown. The hole filled with sediment to the top and over 10,000 years the ground around it was eroded away leaving a mound about 200 ft. across. They found bones of camels short faced bears ( twice the size of a grizzly) and the remains of 62 Colombian Elephants ( much larger than Wooly Mammoths ). We went back to Deadwood and spent a couple days taking in a  museum and the Spearfish Canyon. All in all a very enjoyable time.IMAG0204