Squaring up a piece of Osage Orange

by larry on April 18, 2017

in Guitar shop

I wanted to make another neck for a guitar from some Osage Orange I had in the back yard. The problem was, how to square it up so it could be cut out accurately on the band saw. This is what I came up with……. First you have to hold the log solid in some way so it can be cut in a strait line from in to end. But where do you start if it is out of square on all sides not to mention round on at least one side. first I cut two pieces of 3/4 plywood perfectly square 5″ x 5″ then laid the log on a flat surface where it is laying stable as possible. then screw the 5″ plywood squares on each end. The ends being as square to the log as possible (it doesn’t have to be perfect).IMAG0962 Next screw another peice of lumber 5″ wide and a little longer than the piece to be squared.IMAG0947 Set this on the radial Arm saw and raise the blade so it only cuts 1″ so deep. Make a series of cuts about 1/4 to 1/2 inch apart the length of the log.IMAG0957 and knock them out with a hatchet or hammer and slick this up with a chisel or draw knife.IMAG0951 next remove the bottom board and screw it to the next side to be squared and repeat the process.IMAG0954 after this trip to the radial arm saw and again knocking out the cuts and smoothing, down the the saw cuts, you have a perfectly square corner ready for the band saw.IMAG0953IMAG0960

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