Goin, Deer Huntin’

by larry on December 26, 2011

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My brother-in-law Ron is an outdoors man, and he’d rather hunt than anything else and that includes drinking beer and he loves his beer. He had an ex son-in-law that lived near by, there in Kingman Arizona, and every year they’d go to the Hualapai (pronounced walapie)  Mountains and go bow hunting for game. They had hunted all day with no luck except for a small Doe that ran up a narrow trail between some rocks. Ron was getting tired so he told the younger man to go up the trail and see if he could get a shot; and if something came back down his direction Ron might get a shot. It sounded like a plan and ‘sides I was wore out. He said I leaned up against a big rock resting and enjoying the break, when I heard what sounded like my partner yelling and a woman scream. I froze and waited a few seconds then yelled to see if my partner was alright but got no answer. So with nothing but a bow and arrows I took off up the trail and calling for him. When I got to the top where there were some scrub brush and pine trees I looked around and found him leaning with his back to a huge boulder. His eyes were big as saucers and I saw blood on the ground. My first thought was he had some how fallen on his arrow or something. He looked at me and said “Mountain Lion“……When he had gathered his breath he said a female lion had taken the small deer down and her and two half-grown cubs were feasting on it  under some low hanging evergreens when he arrived on the scene. She immediately came after him in a very low crouch. He drew his bow and started backing up till he hit the boulder and was trapped.  He said I yelled to scare her away but she just kept coming so I had to shoot and hit her in the chest head on, that’s where the blood came from. Then she took off over there under some brush… let’s go finish her off. Ron said wait a minute we don’t have a tag for lion and that could be very expensive. Lets go get a tag and then go get her. He said OK but first I’m going to make sure she don’t crawl off some place we can’t find. So with bows at ready and there hearts in their mouths they followed the blood trail back to some brush where she was hiding. They both shot  and ran for cover.Ron ‘s  son-in-law went into town got the tag, came back and found the lion dead under a tree. He capped it out and had it mounted. He felt bad about the kill but thought the cubs would be alright since they were at least half-grown. That’s when Ron gave up bow hunting and went to black powder………