Markosa Studios

by larry on December 28, 2011

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In 2005 I decided to make a CD so I went to a store and bought a small Tascam tape recorder. I had read that it was possible to get four tracks of music on a small stereo tape recorder so I took a few instructions on-line to get started and in a few weeks I had 5 or 6 tapes with 3 songs on each. Since I had no way of mixing them down and adding the effects I wanted, I got the phone book out and found a recording studio in town that had the right ad and I punched in the numbers. The voice on the other end said Markosa Studios. After we introduced our selfs I told the voice ( Mark Thies) what I wanted to do. He said bring the tapes and the recorder and he would give it a try. He said the studio was in his basement and to come through the Garage door. When I pulled in the drive I noticed what looked like a normal house on a tree-lined street that had a huge room added to the back of the house. As it turned out he said they weren’t bad for the first try and went about mixing them down and put them on a CD. It took three or four sessions to get 12 decent songs from the 18 or so that I had and one day sitting in his studio which was the only one I had ever seen, (with a mass of control boards switches and knobs and meters and wire running here and there). I asked about the big room on the back of his house. He said oh that’s my new studio, would you like to see it. I said I would, so he took me up the stairs through the house to a large hall way that led to a big room with three small rooms on the west side and two larger rooms for recording. He told me what each room was for and that he was kinda stuck because he had these special windows between each room and he didn’t know how to go about installing them. I said I can do that and that I was a Glazier and had installed every kind of window there was. We made a deal on the spot and he told me what he needed. He had all the lumber to make the frames, so the next day I set up shop in one of the rooms, made the frames ordered the glass and put it in. All of this took a week or so to complete and in a short time the new studio was up and running and it was beautiful. Since then Mark an I have made five more CDs. So if your into music and need a studio take a look at Markosa Studios you won’t find a better one between here and Abby Road.

Time Out

by admin on October 9, 2011

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I’ve been off line for a while since my ‘puter had to be remodeled. After some investment in a new hard drive and some time with my son reloading everything I’m back up and running. We played for a group of people from a small town in Kansas that have a reunion every year for their high school and after the show they treated all of us to dinner and production of “No Body is Lonesome For Me” . It was a one man show about Hank Williams, stuck at a gas station on his way to Ohio on the night he died. If you get a chance to see it don’t pass it up. Right now it’s at the Heartland Theater in Crown Center in K.C.Mo. He comes in to the gas station to get his car repaired and tries to call his ex wife on the pay phone while telling the owner of the station about his life and how he got into this mess he’s in. I suppose it was both fact and fiction but very entertaining. I talked to the actor after the show and told him I thought he did a great job. He sang and played very well with the help of just a fiddle player and steel guitar player. He had to learn to play guitar and sing the songs while sounding like Hank Williams and learning all the dialog with no other actors for support……….. I have a hard time remembering where I left my cell phone. That’s all for now………..

Pharaoh’s Army

by admin on August 14, 2011

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My wife went shopping yesterday afternoon so I thought I’d watch a movie. I found one on Netflix that sounded interesting called Pharaoh’s Army based on a true story. It’s about a mother and her only child since the recent death of his sister. Living on the Tennessee and Kentucky boarder during the civil war. Neighbors turned against each other over the conflict and since her husband had gone to fight the war for the South she was a staunch confederate.They had very little but enough to get by when a Union force of five men showed up in her yard and demanded food to take back to there company five miles away. There was nothing she and her 12 year old boy could do but watch as they took every thing they had left, to survive from the hard winter. As luck would have it one of the youngest in group of soldiers fell from a ladder in the barn on a sharp stick and they had to stay while he healed from the wound. Watch the movie to get the rest of the story but I thought about my Great Grandfather and his family that lived in southern Missouri who fought for the Union during that terrible time when a bullet could come from anywhere. Some how they survived and he went on to join the state militia to keep the peace after the war was over. Then a song comes to mind “God is Great Beer is Good and People are Crazy”………