Sold Out

by larry on January 28, 2012

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Let me start by saying The Stranger Creek Band would like to apologize to those who came to the show last night and couldn’t find a seat or couldn’t get their meal in a timely manner. The restaurant was just over whellemed…….that being said we want to thank everyone for being so nice and understanding and we were thrilled at the turn out for the show we hope to do it again soon… we had a blast. Rekindled sounded great and was a nice contrast to our music ….thank you Rekindled. for those not in the loop we did a show at the Bichelemeyers Stake House in Tonganoxie KS and the place was rockin’ with standing room only; my wife Rosie had to help serve along with others who jumped in to volunteer. A big thank you goes out to them sorry I don’t know who all helped. Anyway thanks  and let’s do it again soon. We have some shows coming up so go to the Stranger Creek Band web site or here at my site to get all the details. One show I’m looking forward to is The DeSoto Opry at the DeSoto Multipopurse  centre June 9 ( they have a huge auditorium; we don’t anticipate a seating problem there) With the Stranger Creek Band, Judy Coder, Dave Purcell, and Maggie Marks a 14-year-old girl who could win the Idol Contest if she was old enough, come and see for your self; we are very excited about her. See you at one of the shows….

Rock and Roll Show

by admin on November 17, 2011

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Tonight (11/17/11) the Stranger Creek Band will put on a rock and roll show at the old Grinter Place Barn behind the museum in KCK.They are serving Root Beer Floats and Hot Dogs I think, and there should be a lot of dancing and remembering going on and and I think we’ll have a good time. We have a show there every third Thursday of the month and this show was set up the last time we did rock and roll there last summer.We have about 80 to 100 people show up at these things so come early if you want a seat because it is not that big inside. We do the best we can to play everyone’s favorite but the idea is to have a good time and forget all the rest of the stuff that you want to forget. The show starts at 6:30 PM but everyone gets there early to sit and have a bite to eat first. Anyway if you want to get out and get away from that TV we’ll see you there…..

A Record Making Deal

by admin on September 25, 2011

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The deal is …..we finally finished our new record (CD). We went into the studio in September last year to cut some of Garry’s songs along with a few cover songs and for one reason after another we didn’t get it done till last week. But it’s finished so if you would like a copy I will have some at our next show at the BK and Our Show at the Knights of Columbus in Lawrence this Fri. 9/30. One of the songs that lots of people have been asking for is “The One Room School House”. My family lived in the country and we moved a lot so I went to three One Room Schools. So I can vouch for the lyrics in the song, it’s all true and my generation will be the last to have gone to one, I think; although there might be some around still holding classes, in remote areas….let me know if you know of any. He also cut “What’s Happened to Us”,”From Where I Stand”‘ and I “Don’t Think I Could Take Loosing You” all about love going, going gone; but they are all philosophical points of view. Anyway get your copy now for just $10.00 because (like Garry says) when Nashville gets a holed of ’em we’re going to be bigger than DuPont….and then the price will go up.

The Road Dog

by admin on August 21, 2011

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I met a guy many years ago who said he was a road show guitar player; that is when someone would make a hit song in Nashville, the record label would hire musicians to play live shows behind their artists. But in the studio they had what they called the A team that did all the recordings. He was one of the guys (B team) who went out on the road with other musicians to back this artist on stage to promote their song . This was many years ago when. Back then when you got signed by a record label they furnished a bus and musicians then told you where and what to play. Today I hear, it’s a lot different; you have to have your own bus and musicians but the record label still has a lot of say in what and where you perform. Now keep in mind I’ve never been there and done that, but this is what I was told. But what he said explains why so many of those old timers got into so much trouble. He said you would climb on board a bus (and I’m pretty sure that’s all it was, not one of these rolling hotels they have today) and you would ride to where ever the show was to be (I suppose they were all ready rehearsed) and put on the show that would last an hour or two, then you would ride to the next one and put on the same show. Sometimes you arrived early and you had nothing to do till the show starts and so you went to the local bar and all it offers including lonely girls who were very easily impressed when they found out you were traveling with a celeb. At first you’re very excited to be in this atmosphere but pretty soon the pattern is repeated so many times that you start to get this glazed look on your face and all you want to do is go home and sleep for a week. So to pass the time you start playing pranks on each other or your drinking in a bar or trying to sleep on this lousy bus. Anything to pass the time your are not performing on stage. But then performing the same songs over and over again……. you get the picture? Anyway he said as soon as he could, he got away from all that and just became an old road dog. Still traveling from one show to another but playing just the songs he likes. I guess I’m not sorry I missed all of that……………

The Brown Grand Theater Show

by admin on August 10, 2011

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The Brown GrandThe band just got back from performing a show in Concordia KS at the Brown Grand Theater, what a great show and what a great theater. It was well attended and well received. Margie LeBlanc was the headliner and the crowed loved her, the old theater hasn’t heard vocals like that in quite a while. The band was great and even when we played our closing theme song over half the crowd stayed till the last note. This was our third trip to the Brown and we hope to do it again soon. There’s just something about this old theater that has great acoustics; you don’t need much of a sound system to reach every inch of the floor space. Tex and Mary Schutz played a few numbers along with Roger Tibbs from New Zealand and Pat Boileson and Elton Flodman from NE they all did a fine job too. Elton Flodman was producer and director of the event and he’s already talking about another one since so many people said it was his best show to date.