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A Record Making Deal

by admin on September 25, 2011

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The deal is …..we finally finished our new record (CD). We went into the studio in September last year to cut some of Garry’s songs along with a few cover songs and for one reason after another we didn’t get it done till last week. But it’s finished so if you would like a copy I will have some at our next show at the BK and Our Show at the Knights of Columbus in Lawrence this Fri. 9/30. One of the songs that lots of people have been asking for is “The One Room School House”. My family lived in the country and we moved a lot so I went to three One Room Schools. So I can vouch for the lyrics in the song, it’s all true and my generation will be the last to have gone to one, I think; although there might be some around still holding classes, in remote areas….let me know if you know of any. He also cut “What’s Happened to Us”,”From Where I Stand”‘ and I “Don’t Think I Could Take Loosing You” all about love going, going gone; but they are all philosophical points of view. Anyway get your copy now for just $10.00 because (like Garry says) when Nashville gets a holed of ’em we’re going to be bigger than DuPont….and then the price will go up.