Thanks Giving

by admin on November 27, 2011

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It’s time to give thanks again and lord knows I have reasons for that. Lots of things could have gone wrong over the years and in spite of all the wrong turns I’ve made it’s still not that bad. I could start making a list but you would get bored and hit the delete button. It’s enough to say all is well. I just found some old photographs that I took, back when I took a lot of pictures. They were my father and his Grand kids and one of my brother and his. They were taken about this time of year and one was taken around Christmas because I can see the tree in the background. The point is the people in the pictures are just two of the many in my life that I’m thankful for; there are many more. So if you have known me for a long time than you are one of those people. Maybe that’s too literal but right now, that’s how I feel. Seasons Come and they go, seems like I get up and go about my life and then it’s time to go back to bed. Then all of a sudden it’s Thanksgiving again. And so it goes just like it did for my Dad and his dad before him and I guess for you too. So since time don’t stand still, we should say thanks to all of those people who have supported us over the years. It would be a thankless world without them…..

The Killing Spree

by admin on September 11, 2011

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I try not to get too serious with this little blog but it’s September 11 2011 and the anniversary of another killing spree. Oh it happens every once in a while Men for one excuse or another take what ever weapon is handy and find some innocent people who are just trying to get on with what life they have and they just kill them…. No there is no limit to the weapons they use no need to make a list. But the reasons they kill are pretty short and you could pretty much put it in one file under hate. Many times some God some where tells them to do these things or some government decides they want more than they already have. So they start making plans to kill as many as they can to please someone or some thing. Where would you like to start with the examples; King Herod, Hitler,John Wayne Gacy, oh the list goes on and on. We don’t need to write them down here there is a God that takes care of all that and he is not the God that hates and wants to kill, he is the one that loves us all and wants us to live happily ever after. But I guess he just don’t get involved with stopping these things from happening, I think he wants us to do that, but so far we haven’t figure out how.