Wrong Address

by larry on March 18, 2015

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A few weeks ago I sold a Taylor 510 on Ebay. I was happy that I got what I wanted for it and printed a shipping label supplied by ebay for USPS. I printed the label, put it on the box and took it to the post office to be shipped off to Vermont. a couple weeks went by and the buyer wanted to know if I shipped his guitar I gave him the particulars and he said “but I live in Michigan”. I tried to trace it down but they had lost track of it when it couldn’t be delivered….it seems the tracking numbers work till it gets to the destination but not if it is coming back to the one who mailed it.  A week later I got a call from the local post office to tell me it was back and I could pick it up. The box looked like it had been through WWIII and under close inspection I found the damage to the finish on the guitar. I had left a 9 volt battery in place inside the body and it came loose and dangled around from the wire inside like a hammer making a ding on each side of the sound hole and a big spider web crack on the shoulder. I found an article on the web about using super glue to fix a finish crack and bought the thin type and gave it three coats waiting a day each coat to make sure it dried well. I put a peace of tape on each side of the repair and scraped it down to the level of the tape and close to the surface before using 400 600 800 1000 grit wet or dry sand paper then polished it out. This method works good on UV finishes and pretty good on lacquer. So my lesson was…. don’t ship USPS and don’t leave a battery inside the body and double check the address by sending a bill of sale to the buyer and wait for a response so you know he is where he is supposed to be.

Here are the before and after pics…

IMG_2363 - Copy

IMG_2364 - Copy

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The New Country

by larry on November 9, 2014

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IMG_2068 - CopyCountry music has lost it’s identity; I think we can all agree on that  i.e. it don’t sound like the old country so people my age don’t recognize it; there for we don’t buy it. (That being said are we as an age group going to buy music anyway?) Some, but not much, not like a younger person who’s fire is still burning out of control….but what is it, that I don’t like about it? After watching the CMAs the other night (fast forwarding through most of the songs) I wandered why I can not connect with this music? and finally it dawned on me…..it’s boring….I mean to me it is a string of one syllable words put together with one note per word at the same beat…..no calypso, no waltz, no reggae, no blues …..just the same 4/4 at about 140 bpms and all with the same subject matter…. I mean we get it, you had a party in your truck…..in your little home town ……with your favorite home town girl…….and drank some beer….ok SOoooo!! (It’s the formula that is selling and the music industry has to keep the cash flow) but tell me a story about something else, or tell me the same story in a different way. If you need examples go back trough the history of music and see how they were done in the past. Change the words to current vocabulary and phrases and see what happens…..you might have someone say “now that’s different I never heard that before”. (even though they have) Yes I know I’m old but dammit let’s try something old ….. it might sound new and be timeless. Remember what happened to  DISCO?

Back From the Black Hills

by larry on October 14, 2014

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Rosie and I packed a few things in two suit cases and took off for the black hills a week ago. We only had four days, so we had to make tracks because we were supposed to make breakfast at church for the Rotary Club on Fri Morning. We made it as far as Yhangton SD after getting a late start Mon. Morning and stayed in a little motel not far from the Missouri River. Then a ride through the Bad Lands Park and next day we arrived in Hill City about 10 miles from Mount Rushmore. We took in Mount. Rushmore and headed for Dead Wood making a loop to Hot Springs SD and stopped to see the Mammoth Archeological Digs. Someone in the 80s started construction on a housing project and found some bones and new it was important. He called in some expert and it became the most significant find of Colombian Elephant bones ever found. Prehistoric fossils are fascinating to me and we spent some time there going over all I could, to get an idea of what had happened there 10,000 years ago. A cave formed under the ground surface and eventually caved in leaving a hole that fill with water sense the walls of this hole were strait up and down anything that fell in could not climb out. The animals of that period would walk up to get a drink, fall in and would drown. The hole filled with sediment to the top and over 10,000 years the ground around it was eroded away leaving a mound about 200 ft. across. They found bones of camels short faced bears ( twice the size of a grizzly) and the remains of 62 Colombian Elephants ( much larger than Wooly Mammoths ). We went back to Deadwood and spent a couple days taking in a  museum and the Spearfish Canyon. All in all a very enjoyable time.IMAG0204

Back Home Again

by larry on August 29, 2014

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PAC82014 130Rosie and I are back home after a successful trip to Central City Nebraska where we performed  with Elton Flodman at the Performing Arts Theater in Central City with Danney Williams on lead guitar, Debbie Nelson on drums, Pat Boilsen on vocals and key board, and Ken Jones on Bass. Near the end of the first set Rosie came out in her Shabby Security costume in the middle of me singing “If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Would You Hold it Against Me”  while the crowed laughed and applauded. She was a real trooper. The theater is a  big, new and beautiful facility with great sound provided by Jay Farris it has a great back drop of special lighting that really sets the mood for the songs. Hands down one of the best places to put on a show. Danney and his wife Kathy followed  us there with both cars packed with our equipment and clothes. All in all we had a great time while we stayed at Elton’s and his wife Connie’s house. They are great hosts and fed us with the best cuisine. The Opry Show was on Wed. then a show at Central City Cotton Wood Manor retirement home then Fri. night a gospel show at Elton,s beautiful old Fridhem Lutherern Church in Hordville NE. All in all we had a great time this is my third time at this theater and I’m looking forward to doing it again….

How Much is it Worth

by larry on August 8, 2014

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I saw a story on Sixty Minutes about a Chinese lady who grew up in one of the most impoverished provinces of China, who for five years didn’t even have a home to go to, her and her mother slept in an office building where her mother was a cleaning lady. For five years her mother slept on a desk with a dictionary for a pillow. She is now the riches woman in China. Obviously she is intelligent and hard working as well as talented so that all helps and I realize that is far from the norm but in truth we can all take a lesson from her about hard work and determination. I was never that smart or talented but I did not shy away from hard work and I do have a stubborn streak and though I did not make a million dollars, I did pretty good considering my education. My family moved from one farm to another until I was nineteen and what ever I got I made mostly on my own with very little help from anyone, dad might loan me a buck or two for gas once I got a car that I paid for but that was about it. But I never buckled down and took the bit in mouth to be rich, I just did what I thought was best for me and mine and had some fun along the way. I didn’t think it was worth sacrificing everything to get all I could hold on to. My wife said “what a waste you could have been a doctor or lawyer” but that would have meant I would have held peoples lives in my hands and I couldn’t live with knowing I made a mistake and cost someone their everything. I do make mistakes I guess we all do I no I made some bad ones but I guess it was a learning process. How much is it worth? well that’s a trick question and no one knows the answer, we all do what we think is right at the time and then look back and judge ourselves. Trouble is we only get to go around once if I could go around again I’d change a few things not many but a few. But those are things only I will ever know and a hundred years from now it won’t matter much anyway…….They say don’t look back it ain’t worth it maybe they are right.IMG_0400

Every Fool Has a Rainbow

by larry on July 26, 2014

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IMG_2068 - CopyAnother great song by the Hag ..Every Fool Has a Rainbow…I hope you enjoy the sentiment in this song as much as I do I consider Merle Haggard one of the best singer song writers of all time though he never had any formal training and seems the ones with the most talent never do….