On Dec. 29th 2023 my niece Tracy and her son Matt (whom i believe to be 23) came for a few days visit from Fort Worth TX. on the 30th my niece said he might have a cold. Matt went to Lawrence later that night and came back around two and he said he had a great time. He went back out to the same area on the 31st but said he left early. On the 1st  Tracy said she thought he had a sore throat, so we all just sat around didn’t do much of anything but did watch the Chiefs play.  I woke up Tue. the 2nd with a raw scratchy throat but felt all right otherwise. On Wed I woke with a sore throat and the sniffles, but was still ok. Thur. they left early in the morning and I didn’t feel well so I thought maybe I should test for Covid and it came out positive. on Fri. I had a sore throat a cold and starting to cough with a 1 degree temp. just enough to get a I rapped up put on a mask and stayed in my tv chair and called the doctor and he gave me a prescription for Paxlovid that i took that night. More of the same on Sat. the 6 but coughing and congestion getting worse but Paxlovid left such a terrible taste in my mouth I decided to not take anymore. Sun. coughing was much worse and I still had the chills if I didn’t wrap up. Mon was no  Chills but could hardly breath with out coughing with lots of phlegm Here it is Tue coughing has subsided a lot, no more chills but a little tired. They say this stuff has an incubation period of a week or more so don’t know for sure where it came from but i remember one of my friends said he was sick for a week after Christmas but didn’t get tested and he was sitting across the table from me almost every morning before Christmas Holidays. I’m 82 by the way and not sure if anyone is interested in any of this but thought it might be helpful to someone. I did hear this stuff killed a million people here in the states before they had the vaccine I got all of mine did you get yours.