Guitar Shop


I’ve built several guitars and the comment I get most is “I could never do that”. Well maybe, but most likely you could. The first thing you need is the desire and the last thing you need is someone telling you, you can’t. Start with a good set of instructions and the right materials and a place to do it. That could be an old kitchen table in your basement or garage or even a spare room of your apartment. When I started out with the idea of building my own guitar there wasn’t much in the way of instruction on the subject, but today there are lots of books that you can buy on the internet. There is also lots of suppliers of all the materials you need. I was asked to write a blog on the subject but that has been done in book form much better than I could do it here. So if you want to look into it, go to your local book store or an online book source and check them out. Or go to and look around you’ll find what you need. Check out and many others; you’ll have fun looking for the right source of info from there and don’t expect the first one to be a work of art, but like anything else keep at it , and soon it will be….. good luck.