Time Out

I’ve been off line for a while since my ‘puter had to be remodeled. After some investment in a new hard drive and some time with my son reloading everything I’m back up and running. We played for a group of people from a small town in Kansas that have a reunion every year for their high school and after the show they treated all of us to dinner and production of “No Body is Lonesome For Me” . It was a one man show about Hank Williams, stuck at a gas station on his way to Ohio on the night he died. If you get a chance to see it don’t pass it up. Right now it’s at the Heartland Theater in Crown Center in K.C.Mo. He comes in to the gas station to get his car repaired and tries to call his ex wife on the pay phone while telling the owner of the station about his life and how he got into this mess he’s in. I suppose it was both fact and fiction but very entertaining. I talked to the actor after the show and told him I thought he did a great job. He sang and played very well with the help of just a fiddle player and steel guitar player. He had to learn to play guitar and sing the songs while sounding like Hank Williams and learning all the dialog with no other actors for support……….. I have a hard time remembering where I left my cell phone. That’s all for now………..