Cool Days

The last few days have been cool, I mean you know……really COOL MAN. The youth in our church made a great presentation of their trip to Denver, Sun and served a good meal of tacos and deserts. I did a little yard work then went to dinner with Gordon and Doris Riley ( Gordon plays lead guitar for the band) then after dinner Rosie and I took in the Overland Park Arboretum. Beautiful sculptures and flowers everywhere and the cool breeze moving the leaves and flowers around like they were trying to dance for us. The sun going down over the pond… sitting under a shade tree toLarrys Phone 266 watch huge gold fish come to the surface to beg for food with yellow finches on the dried cone flowers and humming birds getting one last sip of nectar for their long trip south. I could hear a song being written in my head but couldn’t write it down so I just sat for awhile and listened, till faded away.