I’m a gun owner, I have a few guns….. not worth much but they’ll do the job. If you break into my house while I am here you might learn the cold hard truth. The truth is I don’t need an AR 15 with 9 clips full of amo to defend myself and neither dose anyone else. all you need is a little backbone and some ear plugs. The question is how to throttle whats going on in this country right now. Well of course back ground checks would help a lot with a 30 day waiting period. Then outlaw any fire arm powder, Air, or mechanical with more than 6 projectiles in a self contained magazine. You can own such a weapon but if any part of the assembled weapon is outside your place of residence then you will be considered a terrorist and subject to appropriate treatment. The second amendment was meant to give the people the right to defend themselves not play bad ass killers. The argument that all people have gone to war with their government and therefore we need these weapons to ward of unfair treatment dose not make any sense because if the government wants to impose its will on you there is no doubt of the out come, because they have ever bigger weapons at there disposal; weapons that you have no defense from. Now I know that the rule give an inch and they’ll take a mile is a time worn adage but at some point somebody is going to have to give an inch. The fact that so many people ( I lost track ) have been killed by these military style weapons is reason enough to ban them. Yes I know you don’t need a gun to kill someone but you do need a semi automatic weapon (or worse fully automatic ) to kill and injure 17 at one shooting spree. Now lets be honest here a military style weapon is a “looky what I got type of thing” not something you need to defend your self and no you don’t need one for hunting they are for killing people as quickly and efficiently as possible not to cut a deer into at a quarter mile away. So come on lets get since-able here, like I said if you want to own one, fine,

Broad Winged Hawk oil on Tupelo Wood

just don’t take it outside your house weld the bolt shut and hang it on the wall next to that trophy buck.