Drainin’ the Radiator

I loved to visit my Grandpa and Grandma Bolin when I was young and this incident took place on one of my visits though it’s faded a bit, it went something like this. Grandpa and me had a man to man relationship you might say I didn’t feel small and unworthy around him he treated me like the little man I thought I was. So he told me stories and I’d tell him mine, though his were so much better and he seemed to have an endless supply. One night after he told me one last story with the tree frogs chirping in the background, it was gettin’ late for men my size so he said well let’s go drain your radiator. We stepped out on the old back porch and It was really dark that night. The old outhouse was a long way from the house and his artheritis was bothering him so he said this is good enough jes’ let ‘er fly right here but don’t hit the flowers. So i got started and he says see if you can pee over the clothes line. Now the porch was about a foot and a half off the ground and the clothsline was low because Grandma was very short . So I increased the pressure and gave it all I had knowing he would get a kick out of it. Then we went in the house where Grandma tucked me in and warned me about Grandpa and his orneriness.

Next day we went down to the blacksmith shop where the old men would sit in the big double doorway and swap tales, while the Black Smith would shoe a horse or pound on white hot metal of some kind. Grandpa patiently waited his turn and when the time was just right he said why that ain’t nothin’ this boy right here can pee over a clothesline and that’s somethin’ none of you old coots can do….