George Robert (Bob) Linden

I sang at celebration of life yesterday afternoon and the church was packed with people who wanted to say goodbye to a man that seemed like everybody in this neck of woods liked or loved. he wasn’t taken early in life though too early for most of us, he was 85 but he left behind people that admired him a lot for many reasons. He was a quiet man just said hello unless you needed something then he would open up. Seems like the guy worked all the time right up till he had a stroke then he had to just set down and wait……but in this town in his day he did a heap of work….he was an electrician by trade but I guess he could do about anything. He seemed to love working with wood the most and many people around here have one or more of his creations. If you needed something , some help with something, some advice, or just a tool you would call Bob. I was thinking how many of us get this big of a turn out when we go?… sad to say not many, I doubt there will be that many there for my “Farewell Party”. He raised a good family and stayed the course and helped where he could and I guess that’s ’bout all there is………….