Grandpa’s Bar

It was the middle of summer; a warm night with lots of stars. My friends Joe and Eddie and I were looking for a bar we had heard about some where out in the sticks in K.C.K., that didn’t card you when you went in looking like kids in high school. We drove down to about 7th and Minnesota ave. and stopped at a small Gas station to see if the attendant knew where it was. I was driving as usual since I was the only one with a car and a job, so I pulled in and started to get out and go in when a black man came running out of the station at a full all out sprint being chased by a man with a pistol trying his best to shoot him…. POP POP POP…. Joe and Eddie (and me of course) was fighting for rights to the floor of the front seat. we looked up after the gunfire and the guy came out to see what we wanted. He pointed us in the right direction and we took off pointing fingers at each other and declaring that each one was a sissy.
We pulled into the gravel parking lot of Grandpa’s and The sound of that vulgar music and the smell of new and used beer in the night air was like the neon sign flashing; come on in and leave your good judgment at the door. We found a place at the back of the lot since it was crowded, and we just new that all kinds of sin lay just beyond the threshold. As I stepped out of the car I thought this place sure is out in the boonies, nothing but trees and bushes all around when all hell broke loose again…. POP POP POP POP……I froze not knowing which way to go ’till I heard Joe and Eddie yelling “over here.. over here” I ran and dove head first for the tall weeds and caught a strand of fence wire right across the bridge of my nose and shot back like a boomerang. I jumped back up and climbed over the fence to see a bunch of cops going in the front door yelling that it was a raid and everybody stay where they were. One of them had fired his weapon in the air to get every ones attention and you can bet it worked: especially on three desperadoes from the burbs. We all looked at each other and knew it was time to call it a night.