Is it Just Me

I have run slap dab out of enthusiasm. I want to play music but can’t get inspired, I want to build something but can’t stay in the shop, I want to rewire my computer room but can’t get started. Is it just me or do other people feel this way? I mean whats the use? The Chiefs are losing, Trumps and his billionaires are still in charge, Winters coming on and it ain’t cold enough to have a nice fire in the stove. All my old friends down at McDonald’s are going back over old stories I heard before, and there still ain’t nothing on the TV worth watchin’ (even with 200 channels). I could get on a plane and fly somewhere but my credit card miles are not enough to get back. Is it just me? Am I finally after all these years getting too old? I mean I thought I was old enough years ago but I just keep gettin’ older ( maybe that’s a good thing ….maybe not…) I could chase my wife around the house but my knees are shot, I got my eyes fixed but I’ve seen it all. I’m going to start a new club…. I’ll call it “Don’t Give a Shit Unlimited” Oh well I got to take my pills and eat a bite but I ain’t hungry