Jesus Was Not a Conservative

In the big black book that my Grandma Bolin had on the table by her rockin’ chair were lots of stories; stories of people like you and me who went through life trying to do the right things for them selves and their families in a world far different then the one we live in. No TV, no internet, no doctors or hospitals that could make you well. Just an unforgiving world of enemy’s, sickness,and starvation if you didn’t work. Unless of course you were born into a rich family or a good brain so you could figure out how to make it on your own. There were lots of Liberals back then…..the good Samaritan, King Joseph, Moses, Noah and many others. The King of the liberals I guess to me was John the Baptist he kept nothing for himself, he gave everything away and wandered through the wilderness preaching to anyone that would listen that someone was coming that was so great that he was not worthy to even tie his sandals. This man was Jesus the son of God and he would heal the sick give to the poor and help his fellow man anyway he could. He would tell them not to lay up treasures here on earth but in heaven and when they asked him how to do that he would say love thy neighbor and help those who can’t help them selves. They had lots of people like that back then just as we do today. Not everyone could work and take care of them selves, not everyone was born with a silver spoon in their mouth just like today. Jesus said don’t give to the rich they have more than they need give to the poor who have nothing. I think it’s fair to say Jesus was a Liberal not a conservative.