Keep Your Mouth Shut

I have an old Airstream trailer that I take on trips to music festivals just to be close to the action so to speak, and to be truthful, I prefer it to a motel room unless it’s a newer motel. Sometimes my wife Rosie don’t want to go or has other plans and to help with exspenses my lead guitar picker Gordon will go along and we will share the cost of the fuel. It has twin beds and a fold out couch but the couch is uncomfortable to say the lest.One night we were setting round a campfire and singin’ our hearts out when a lightin’ bug (you guessed it) flew to close to my gapping mouth, that was trying to reach that last note, and no doubt took a left instead of a right was gone in an instant. I sputtered to a halt….all eyes were on me…….. I just swalloed a bug. someone said Yeah they taste like chicken. That was enough to convience me to call it a night since I was out of refreshments anyway and went to the trailer and went to bed and fell asleep. Next morning Gordon who likes to sleep late was still asleep so I go for some coffee. By the time I got back he was up havin’ a cup…. “Well how’d you sleep Gordon”….., he says not to good your ears were flashin’ off and on like a stop light all night long……….