Margie LeBlanc

I was at a Festival some years ago and a lady came up to me and asked if I would back her on stage with my guitar. This happens often enough and I didn’t know what to expect, because some times it can be a train wreck on stage. But I liked to play and she was very nice. She said I’m new to these festivals and never tried to do this on a short notice like this before but I don’t know anyone here and I like the way you play. I said thanks and would do my best and asked what she would be doing she said they were all old country standards so I said good lets go.
We got on stage and she introduced her self as Margie LeBlanc to the audience and named the first song. We had not even practiced before so i didn’t know what she sounded like. She started singing and I thought I was on stage with Brenda Lee or maybe Patsy Cline I was dumb founded and I think the audience was too. After the set I told her I had never been on stage with anyone with that kind of talent before and what did you say your name was? Since then we have been on stage together many times and she always blows me away. She said she had a career in Nashville that fell apart because of bad management and had gotten married only to find out her husband didn’t want her in the music business so she gave it up till her second husband heard her sing and he insisted that if she wanted to, they would get back into it.
Since then she has sung in Country Shows all over South East Texas much to their delight. Her web site is This same lady will be with me again on July 31 at the DeSoto Methodist Church from 7pm till 10pm tickets are only $8.00 advance and $10 at the door with half going to the church for a fund raiser. There will be PIE and other goodies for sale at half time (and take it from me these lady’s know how to cook)so if you would like to have a great musical experience come on out and join us.