Marks Yamaha

My friend Mark of the world famous Markosa Studios who has recorded all of my CDs gave me a new Yamaha dreadnought guitar that had a busted and missing head stock. he said “Here make a wall decoration of some kind out of it, it’s no good for anything else”. It laid around the shop for 5 or 6 years and since I had some slack time I decided to do the right thing … fix it.

Yamha Dred
It was a bad break meaning not easy to re glue even if I still had the piece which I didn’t. So I had to make a new one. I have done this before on a twelve string which has a lot more strain on the joint where I reversed the angle of the break and tucked it under the fret board where it could not escape. but it was not pleasing to my eye so I wanted to replace this 6 string at the original break angle knowing I had to beef it up in some way.

I used a heat gun to remove the fret board and the truss rod and cleaned everything up to fresh wood for re gluing.

I glued up a block of Mahogany that I thought was a good match, much bigger than I needed because I wasn’t sure how I would make it work because it wouldn’t take the strain with out some extra help.

I carefully calculated the right angle which took some time and and sawed it and sanded it true and flat then sawed it to a basic shape and glue it to the neck.,making sure it all lined up and had the old Martin Guitar angle.

Glueing on the veneer