New Faces in the Field

This is the house I was born in, in 1941 near Bois’D Arc was a half log cabin and half frame construction with a tar paper ceiling and news papers on the walls to help stop the cold air. This picture was taken in the early 60s in February and there were jonquils growing on the hill side west of the old hose just like my mother said they were the day I was born.There was a spring flowing out of the hillside behind the house where they got there water with fresh water cress growing in a pool at the source. Mom said the bed room floor was so out of level she had to push their dresser back to the wall every morning and she would lay awake listening to the mice running back and forth across the tar paper ceiling. Dad said he paid old Doc. Windle with a ton of hay for my birth since he had no money. He said he made 50 cents a day sunup to sundown working for Emmet Redford who own the house. The Christmas before I was born he said he walked 2.5 miles in the snow to Barne’s store and bought Mom a 10 cent powder puff and some oranges. When I listened to the their stories of those days I know I have had blessed life.