Rain Songs

How many rain songs can you name? Like ” It’s Raining in My Heart ” ( Holly ) ” Just a Walkin’ in the Rain” ( Ray) ” Is It Raining at Your House” ( Gosdin) . There must be thousands of songs with the word rain in them and right now in the midwest at least they would all fit right in. ( I just wish I had put that grass seed down back in April ) usually it is turning dry right now. Anyway rain songs……..like ” Who’ll Stop the Rain” (Credence ) and “Oh Rainy Day Woman” (Jennings ) Maybe I should do the next gig with lots of rain songs ………or maybe not. Just thoughts of a man struggling to find something to write about…I just got my new audio interface from Amazon since my old sound card went belly up it’s a Fire Studio Mobile; hopping that the ten year old design will still function with the O. S. Also had to buy a new printer the old Cannon gave up the ghost……which leads me to think……how many phrases are there to describe some thing that died or quit working?  Kick the bucket…..curled up and died……..went six feet under….etc.