Steel String Update

OK; I know… I haven’t been spending much time in the shop, so it’s going pretty slow. It should have been finished weeks ago, but hey I’m retired and I ‘ll do what I want to do when I want to do it. That said I have been redoing some things I didn’t like because in the past I would tell myself that it will look better when I put the finish on but usually that didn’t satisfy my idea of the finished product. So this time I’m redoing anything I don’t like. I’m using a natural stain on the walnut wood body of guitar, then added walnut stain to the catalpa wood neck but didn’t like the look so after it dried for a couple weeks I sanded it all off and went back with natural and got a better color. I found some sanding marks here and there after sealing the wood  and went back in and sanded it all off and and re-stained it and filled the pores with dark wood filler. So now it’s almost ready for the lacquer finish. I’ll put a few pics of the finished guitar in the next installment….