Surounded by Water

I talked to my son James this morning who lives in Astoria New York. Astoria is on an Island more or less with water on all sides and it’s not that big. I was sure he would get flooded out since he lives in a basement apartment. Not so; he said he was dry and had electricity and he slept through the hurricane. I said you slept through the hurricane the one that broke all the records for wind damage and rain. What have I told you about taking that stuff? He says I didn’t take anything it was no big deal we don’t even have any limbs down or nothin’. It just rained a lot….Well I guess that’s good then I thought sure you would be in scuba gear this morning trying to retrieve your stuff. He says well the news media really gets carried away when it comes to news in New York if the hurricane was in DeSoto Ks they would say a hurricane just slammed into the little town of DeSoto KS and now here is the sports report from US open yesterday…… Anyway I guess you never stop worrying about your kids no matter how old they get.