The DeSoto Opry Show

The Desoto Opry….(The annual DeSoto Methodist Church fund raiser Sat. night 6/9/12)  with The Stranger Creek Band, performed  to a very enthusiastic crowd of about 400 people who came to be intertained and by all accounts they were. With Judy Coder and Maggie Marx performing, it was a sure thing. I would like to thank everyone who worked so hard to make this a success and to say we are already talking about the next show maybe in the fall or fall of next year. We had an increase in attendance of about 70% and everyone I talked to said they loved it. So who do we get for our guests next time? I don’t know but I wouldn’t rule out Judy and Maggie thanks Judy for the fine vocals and your new song Butter Scotch Moon I walked off stage and watched from the wings and I loved it. Marvin, Fred and Gordon gave it just the right touch to make a keeper out of an already beatiful lyric and melody. And thanks Maggie you stund the audience with your range and power coming from such a young and beatiful girl. I no your parents were bursting with pride and I always get a kick out of saying …”see I told you so”. I heard that it may be our first and last show there because they are turning that beautiful stage into an exerciese gym….yes you heard right an excersiese gym. It is the biggest stage for miles around just needs new curtains, but they say they don’t use it often enough to keep it and the curtains are so exspensieve. But I wonder how much the new plexiglass wall they say they are going to install will cost. Sence I was in the glass business I tell you, that will not be cheap. But anyhow we’re looking forward to the next show were ever it might be…. a big thank you to all the ladys who prepaired those blue ribbon pies and sandwiches. My Wife Rosie was in charge of pies and she said there were 27, form cherry to apple, raisen, rubbarb, gooseberry, chocholate, banna cream etc. etc. The pies alone were worth the price of addmmision. So I am looking forward to another show, though I’ll admit there were times when it seemed like a lot of work, in the end it was well worth the effort..our fans came out to see the show from the B.K. lounge, the Santa Fe Towers and The Grinter Place… what a loyal bunce of great people. So thats it; we hope we can do it again and the Stranger Band can be there to play….