The Mexican Border

The story I’m about to tell is true and is what I remember about the incident. I don’t know who was right or wrong, or how many were hurt but it happened about 4 years ago south of Yuma Arizona at a border crossing into Mexico. We were on Vacation and were going to camp at a place called Quartzite in Arizona. We had planned to meet up with a cousin of mine from California  in Yuma. After a day of site seeing my cousin said he knew of a great restaurant just across the border. He said we leave our car parked in a huge parking lot on this side and just walk over; people do it all the time and it was a lot of fun. We agreed and drove the 20  miles or so to the very nice parking area made of asphalt with a guard house and Mexican /American attendant.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       We turned off the black top road leading in and out of the border crossing and  into the lot while the road continued down hill to the crossing. Since the parking lot was level there was about an eight foot bank down to the road where there was a landing and concrete steps to a sidewalk that lead to the border about 100 yards away. The attendant stopped us along with about five or six other people at the landing and told us to stay put that we couldn’t cross right now.  He said that a Van had crossed into the American side and and an unmarked car was tailing it towards Yuma when it suddenly made a u turn on the highway and was coming back down the border road being shadowed by  ATF agents. As we waited I saw the border patrol come out of their offices with plenty of fire power. So I’m thinking this could get real serious since the coyote (as they are called) are not stopping and there is no way out for a car headed in this direction. Suddenly a small car came down the road slammed on the breaks and a man jumps out with his gun ready and joins the American border guards. I figure he must be ATF and was one of the tails. A minute later here comes an old Dodge Mini Van slowing down as they see what awaits them in the middle of the road. The Van came to a full stop as the guards raise there weapons from about eight feet away, and began shouting in Spanish and English to get out with there hands up. I didn’t see it, so I might have diverted my attention for a second, but some of the witnesses said the van lurched forward. The American Guards opened fire knocking out all of the glass in the right door and shattering the wind shield. This all took place maybe 50 yards from us almost in front of the Guards office quarters. The Van started rolling slowly down the slight incline as the guards stepped out of the way with guns drawn, rolling towards the Mexican crossing where there was about four small guard shacks with steel and concrete posts in front of each shack. It bumped into one of the posts. A few minutes later a Mexican Ambulance (Med Act type) pulled up to the van and we could see them loading people into the van though we couldn’t see there condition or how many, as we were too far away.  One of the Guards came over to where we were and took our names and addresses in case there was an inquiry. We all left  as the border was closed and we no longer had an appetite. The next day we heard nothing on the TV news, but there was a small article on the back page of the local paper that said there was a shooting at the crossing but no one was hurt; just some glass broken…….There were about five armed men standing six to eight feet around the front of that van and no one was hurt?