The New Country

IMG_2068 - CopyCountry music has lost it’s identity; I think we can all agree on that  i.e. it don’t sound like the old country so people my age don’t recognize it; there for we don’t buy it. (That being said are we as an age group going to buy music anyway?) Some, but not much, not like a younger person who’s fire is still burning out of control….but what is it, that I don’t like about it? After watching the CMAs the other night (fast forwarding through most of the songs) I wandered why I can not connect with this music? and finally it dawned on me…’s boring….I mean to me it is a string of one syllable words put together with one note per word at the same beat… calypso, no waltz, no reggae, no blues …..just the same 4/4 at about 140 bpms and all with the same subject matter…. I mean we get it, you had a party in your truck… your little home town ……with your favorite home town girl…….and drank some beer….ok SOoooo!! (It’s the formula that is selling and the music industry has to keep the cash flow) but tell me a story about something else, or tell me the same story in a different way. If you need examples go back trough the history of music and see how they were done in the past. Change the words to current vocabulary and phrases and see what happens… might have someone say “now that’s different I never heard that before”. (even though they have) Yes I know I’m old but dammit let’s try something old ….. it might sound new and be timeless. Remember what happened to  DISCO?