The Workout

Spotters! can you give me a location yet”?. …..Aye captain.. it looks like we have just pulled in to the parking lot of The Health Ridge Excorcise Center…… Oh no….OK people listen up this guy is gonna need all hands at full alert. Stop what ever your doing and report to your stations. Scotty… I need you to ell me as soon as he starts walking we will go on red alert at that time. …Aye Captain……Knee Cartilage how you feeling today can you take a little more grinding…. Cartilage here… so far so good but don’t let this guy go crazy and start joggin’ or we’ll be down to one leg…..OK just don’t have a blow out….Aye…….Spotters location!….He is taking his glasses and hat off and is in the mode of ready….. This guy ain’t ready for this….Scotty is the pump working at safe mode? Aye Captain, but the pipes are still not clean. Will I need to flutter so he knows to slow down . No! don’t do that he might panic. OK people get ready he’s on the track……( fifteen minutes later)…. Scotty how is the pump……. we’re working at near capacity Captain, I don’t know if we can hold up at this pace should I skip a beat?….No! hang in there he’s only got five more minutes. Cartilage report!…. Cartlege here……We’re heating up and the noise is deafening tell brain to go to reasoning mode maybe he’ll stop and get a cookie or something…That’s a negative on the cookie he swore off on them last week. ….. Brain! I need you to go to reasoning mode and get this guy to stop. Hold up a picture of an ambulance or something……..Scotty give me two more minutes; you can do it OK….Aye Captain but the pump can’t take anymore, we’re in danger mode down here……OK people settle down don’t panic… be cool I think he’s slowing down. He’ll probably lift a twenty pound dumbbell, check his arm size in the mirror and head home. Good job everybody…….Captain when will get the new model this one has seen better days….Sorry Scotty that data is not available, we don’t get the new model till this one wears out..