To Have or Have Not

It is never a good idea to voice your opinion on anything if you are a musician; because you are in the entertainment business and well you just don’t want to offend any body…..but what the hell… here goes…..The other day I saw a post on my Facebook home page, and it basically said Obama and anybody who thought he was doing as good a job as he could, to keep old dodgers like me safe and happy,, was ..well a fool. And then at the bottom it said 21,415 already liked it and if I wanted to like it, push the like button ( if you know Facebook you know what I’m talking about if you don’t…. well sorry) but there was no dislike button. Now Wait a minute that ain’t fair… I don’t like there hate message but I can’t disagree with them. So I wrote a very thoughtful message in the box provided, but when I hit Enter it disappeared. So here I am trying to get heard above all the ” from my cold dead hands” B.S. that I get so much of on my Facebook home page. Like I said so many times before; I’m for the second amendment and I think 80% of the sane and 100% of the insane people out there are. But it is the insane I worry about… see insane people can’t tell right from wrong; I think we can agree on that. And if you take an innocent persons life then you are insane to a degree don’t ya think. If I am a sane and have an AR15 with several thirty round clips it’s just a show and tell kind of thing ( maybe take it to the gun range and let ‘er rip once in a while and get that old testosterone flowing once again…sorry ladies) but if I am insane I start looking for another kind of target ( same goes for bombs and knives, poisons O.K.) now when you were a child and couldn’t think straight ( i.e. insane )your parents kept poisons, knives, and guns where you couldn’t get to them right. Can you see where I’m going here….O.K….. don’t make it so easy for them to kill you and yours…. But for some reason these ” from my cold dead hands people ” don’t want any body to disagree with them because they know they are out numbered; they’re just making the most noise.
One guy said on Facebook today “see; this guy they caught hiding in the boat in Water Town Mass. is the reason we need these assault rifles so we can protect ourselves”. O.K……. So lets say this insane person sneaks up on you and he has an AR15 with a large capacity Mag. what are you going to do, say “wait right here till I go get mine” Anybody in law enforcement will tell you that won’t work…….if I went to the drug store and asked for 100lbs of Arsenic, don’t you think they would call the Sheriff? The people who lost their child to the pressure cooker bomb at the Boston Marathon would vote for a ban on pressure cookers….the people who lost their child at the Sandy Hook School would vote to do away with large capacity Magazines and I think you would too unless you are…….