What Would You Do

What would you do if your house burnt down and everything is lost. All your little keepers that told you where you were in life and when you got it. All your pictures of friends and not so friendly; all the pics of your kids when they were little and when they were tiny. Your clothes, that easy chair that you loved to sit in and take a nap in. All your dishes dust rags your mothers jewelry that you loved to see and think of her. Now think what it would be if you had no insurance no bank account through no fault of your own, maybe a bad investment or you trusted someone to much? Well it happened to someone I know and it breaks your heart. But what if it happened to you. Would all your friends come to your rescue. Ahhh but wait…..all your friends and most of your family got burned out too. They can’t help munch. This all happened in the fire in Paradise CA so this Christmas instead of giving that gift to someone who has already got one just like it, why not give a little cash to someone who really needs it. Go to www.gofundme.com/Charlie-Sandi-Bolin-need-you/donanate and donate to this cause.