Winter Blas

Winter has set in and there has been snow on the ground most of the month of January and I’m getting anxious for spring to begin so I can get on the road. I have lost two close friends this year and I hope I don’t lose anymore…. I don’t have many to spare. I have to go on with out them but it won’t be easy; they were two of my best supporters they seem to know when I had doubts about myself and would come along and prop me back up just in time. Just to know they were there made me want to keep trying……We have started a new album in the Markosa Studios and we have a lot more work to do on it. I have started a little project in my own little studio for friends and family mostly and it’s fun to get back into it, I haven’t recorded anything at home for a couple of years. I’ve been playing a lot of music in our little church lately and that keeps me busy learning new songs that I probably wouldn’t otherwise do, so I guess it’s good excorsize. I finally finished my daughters guitar; a classical with a cut away. I used walnut back and sides mahogany neck and port orford ceader top it sounds good so I hope she likes it. That’s all for now…..Larry