A Rose and a Baby Ruth

Many years ago when I was in high school a song came out that was popular for a while called a Rose and A Baby Ruth. It was the kind of song that a love sick teenager wants to hear and you stow the song in the back of your mind thinking someday you might need those words for someone. It tells a story of how a boy has an argument with his girl friend and he needs to patch things up so they can get back together. I would walk down the halls on my way to class singing the song over and over in my head, till I memorized it. Then me and my buddy Dave would walk along singing this tune and trying to harmonize our voices. Our cafeteria was also our assembly hall and had a stage at one end for performances one day at noon we got behind the curtain and sang this song to the student body on an open mike, then took our bow. Last year I met the guy that sang that hit song so many years ago. His name was George Hamilton the IV.  He was very gracious and we talked briefly and like so many others I told how I used to sing that old song in school. He had been a Grand Old Opry member for fifty years by that time and had a few other hits to his credit among them a song called “Abilene”. I thought at the time he’s just a nice old guy that had a few hit songs and made the best of it. He didn’t have a particularly great voice so he would sing a song, then tell a story; but his story telling was what kept people entertained. I guess you just work with what you’ve got and do the best you can……..