Share and Share Alike

A friend of mine sent an Email the other day and like so many others ( about almost any subject) it was slanted in one direction. This time it was about unions and how evil they are. Every story has two sides to it and this time instead of just deleting it, I wrote back that I didn’t agree with the moral of the story at all. Let me start by saying up front that I hate unions too, they are a pain in the you know what for everybody concerned. You have to go to the meetings and listen to a lot of useless rhetoric, you have to pay dues to support it, when it’s time for another contract you have to be on a committee to negotiate with the members as well as the owners, and etc. etc. But like tax’s they are a necessary evil. To put it very simply if there is no Sheppard the wolves will devour the flock. History will tell you what happens when there are no laws to govern by. There is an endless list of people being mistreated by those who employ them. To think that you and your family’s needs will be met as long as you just do what someone wants you to do so they can get what they want is naive to say the least, that’s sad but true. That is not always the case there are people who do live by the golden rule but not many. Unions are at an all time low, is this what is wrong with the economy? I think it is. Think about it, if you have groups of people meeting every month all over this country to cuss and discuss what is just and unjust, it effects everybody connected to them. Would wall street and the banks have gone down that road if they knew not everybody thought it was fair? Like I said nobody likes unions but sadly they are a necessary evil……….