Back Home Again

PAC82014 130Rosie and I are back home after a successful trip to Central City Nebraska where we performed  with Elton Flodman at the Performing Arts Theater in Central City with Danney Williams on lead guitar, Debbie Nelson on drums, Pat Boilsen on vocals and key board, and Ken Jones on Bass. Near the end of the first set Rosie came out in her Shabby Security costume in the middle of me singing “If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Would You Hold it Against Me”  while the crowed laughed and applauded. She was a real trooper. The theater is a  big, new and beautiful facility with great sound provided by Jay Farris it has a great back drop of special lighting that really sets the mood for the songs. Hands down one of the best places to put on a show. Danney and his wife Kathy followed  us there with both cars packed with our equipment and clothes. All in all we had a great time while we stayed at Elton’s and his wife Connie’s house. They are great hosts and fed us with the best cuisine. The Opry Show was on Wed. then a show at Central City Cotton Wood Manor retirement home then Fri. night a gospel show at Elton,s beautiful old Fridhem Lutherern Church in Hordville NE. All in all we had a great time this is my third time at this theater and I’m looking forward to doing it again….