How Much is it Worth

I saw a story on Sixty Minutes about a Chinese lady who grew up in one of the most impoverished provinces of China, who for five years didn’t even have a home to go to, her and her mother slept in an office building where her mother was a cleaning lady. For five years her mother slept on a desk with a dictionary for a pillow. She is now the riches woman in China. Obviously she is intelligent and hard working as well as talented so that all helps and I realize that is far from the norm but in truth we can all take a lesson from her about hard work and determination. I was never that smart or talented but I did not shy away from hard work and I do have a stubborn streak and though I did not make a million dollars, I did pretty good considering my education. My family moved from one farm to another until I was nineteen and what ever I got I made mostly on my own with very little help from anyone, dad might loan me a buck or two for gas once I got a car that I paid for but that was about it. But I never buckled down and took the bit in mouth to be rich, I just did what I thought was best for me and mine and had some fun along the way. I didn’t think it was worth sacrificing everything to get all I could hold on to. My wife said “what a waste you could have been a doctor or lawyer” but that would have meant I would have held peoples lives in my hands and I couldn’t live with knowing I made a mistake and cost someone their everything. I do make mistakes I guess we all do I no I made some bad ones but I guess it was a learning process. How much is it worth? well that’s a trick question and no one knows the answer, we all do what we think is right at the time and then look back and judge ourselves. Trouble is we only get to go around once if I could go around again I’d change a few things not many but a few. But those are things only I will ever know and a hundred years from now it won’t matter much anyway…….They say don’t look back it ain’t worth it maybe they are right.IMG_0400