Cleaning the Man Cave

We have nine rooms in this house (counting my shop where I build and repair guitars and anything else that gets broke) but one room is all mine ( the man cave). In order to clean this room you have to move things around . I have on the average, four guitars in there stands, (that are ready any time I am). there’s a little Yamaha elec. piano an up right bass, sound equipment including microphones, wires for the comp., printer and music books, a small elec. heater for cold mornings, a desk full of this and that, (sometimes needed)…. But my Rosie bless her heart wants me to keep my cave clean. “Run the sweeper in your room”!! I get that a lot and “don’t forget to dust”. Now I don’t mind the dust it gives me that raspy voice that Randy Jackson like so much on Idol. Besides in my haste to “get ‘er done” I might knock over my favorite guitar or trip on a wire that would take me weeks to track down why this or that won’t work. So I just say “got ‘er babe she’s clean as a whistle”…. I don’t like to lie but she forces me into it; the alternative is unthinkable….besides I could be writing a blog like this one… that nobody will see.