Snow Removal

I have an old conversion van, one that,( like me ) in it’s day, it was top of the line. Leather seats, a t.v., two stereos, elec. leather seats, elec. fold down couch,and over head storage trimmed in natural wood and mirrors with mood lighting. And like me I try to keep in good condition. Rosie took it on an errand and parked it with the side door to the street side. She unloaded all her prize possessions and walked in the house. This was Sun . I believe, (we don’t use it much, it’s more for pulling my old airstream trailer to the music shows and once or twice a year for camping).On Thur. after the snow storm came through and dumped ten inches of snow w/ forty mile an hour winds, two of my neighbors pulled up outside in there four wheel drive pickup truck. They noticed we had not made any tracks in the snow, so they knew we had not been out. They said they wanted to make sure we were alright. Rosie told them we were fine why? they said well we saw the van with the door open we wanted to make sure; and that the VAN WAS FULL of SNOW….. Now …bless her heart I walk around and close doors and draws and turn off lights left on all the time. She has always been this way and I’ve learned to live with it. But this time she spent three hours trying to get the snow out of that van. I mean there was snow packed under the seats, the dash, the speakers. I said try the shop vac and while she was finishing the front, snow was coming out the exhaust and blowing all over the back seats….the battery is shot because it ran down and froze up. I don’t know if that broke her from her habits but she won’t forget the snow storm of 2011 any time soon.