Larry Griffin

His name was Larry, just like mine and my brother married his sister. When I met Larry I thought wow this guy is sharp. We were both fourteen and had learners permits to drive but only to and from school and to work if you had a job but everybody bent the rules and somehow he a acquired a Harley Davidson motor cycle. I would jump on behind him and we would take off with the wind in our hair. I needed a job so he pulled a few strings and got me on at the movie theater where he worked. I was a ticket taker, but he ran the projectors. He was the kind of guy that seemed to know how to do everything. A couple years later he and his older brother and their brother in law went in together and bought a small plane. I always wanted to fly a plane but he actually did it. I’m not sure how many lessons he had but I don’t think he was supposed to solo yet. We lived in the country about a mile and a half from the little airport and one cold winter day a plane flew over at tree top level. I ran outside to see this Piper Vagabond, bank and turn back toward us. As it came over Larry leans out the window and yells “come down to the airport”. I jumped in my old Ford and got there just as he was landing. He says “get in” so I jumped in, strapped on the belt and we were off….. Not down the run way…. but at a 45 degree angle to it, bouncing over patches of snow at about 60 miles an hour. He looks at me and says “you ready” I nodded and he pulls back on the stick and we literally jumped into the air and were flying. It wasn’t that he was a daredevil or that he liked to live dangerously he was just that confident about what ever he did. We didn’t spend much time together as we got older I had different set of friends that he didn’t like. But we were always friends to each other. I always admired him and we had some good times as young men. Sorry to say I found out today he passed away after a long illness,…. but like I said we had some good times together…..