Old Timer Memories part 2

I added a few paragraphs to the last post go back if you need to catch up.

My Dad had a lot of stories he liked to tell and I heard them so often I gave them names. One of them was ” The Bumble Bees” in this one he was about twenty years of age with hardly two nickels two rub together. He got permission to work a piece of ground down by a creek and took the team to plow it up and put in a crop of corn( “You plant corn when an oak leaf is the size of a squirrels ear” he said ). It was already hot and he like to work with his shirt off with just his high top shoes and his overalls. Every thing was going fine, the ground was fairly easy to work with no more rocks than usual. The smell of fresh fertile ground filled his lungs and dreams of a good crop and pretty Ava Bolin filled his mind when all at once the team went crazy; bucking and kicking in all directions and knew he “couldn’t hold em”. they took off nearly jerking him off his feet because you drove a team with the plow lines, the left over your left shoulder and the right under your right arm pit tied in a knot in back. He stumbled and fell, jumped up and got stung on his back then he knew what happened. Bubble Bees live in the ground and if you so much as get too close they attack in a swarm. He jerked off his hat swatted in all directions and took off for the creek with the bubble bees stinging him any place they could find on his bare back; he jump over the bank into the water which was just deep enough. When the Bees gave up he climbed out to get the horses. The harness was scattered across the field and the Horses were gone. He knew he was in trouble they were not his horses or harness and plow and he would have to pay for it all with no money to his name. It was the great depression and the crop of corn was a little hope for something to spend on what a young man needs. after a while he saw some horses legs sticking up in the air just below a rise and took off runnin’. there in a small ravine was one of the horses upside down flailing away and snorting, trying to get out. He slowed to a walk and tried to think what he was going to do. the horses was a big one, over 800 lbs maybe and he couldn’t let him stay there long or he might die; he is struggling to breath. He carefully approached talking to him to calm him down trying to untangle what was left of the harness. He had to get him to roll over just enough to get a hoof to touch the ground and the horse would do the rest. He threw a line around his neck and started pulling with all he had. Finally it happened he got to his feet and tried to take off again but Dad was not going to let go of that plow line and the horse calmed down, he was too tired anyway. He found the other horse just calmly munchin’ on grass and made it back to the barn he got them from, then back home to Moppin’ Holler where he fell on a bed sick from the bee strings while his sister pull the stingers out with a tweezer….