Old Timers Memories

The Nicholson Place was on the corner of a gravel Rd. back then( now blacktop). If you use Google earth it was off of W highway T out of Bois’Darc Mo. on to Farm Rd. 17 at the curve that swung due north to Ash Grove. The Road went past Scotts Spring then curved South across Sac Creek turned west again at Sycamore Creek to the farm on the corner sitting on a hill, over looking the country side, the kind of place that a 6 year old boy could really have fun. Go swimmin’, throw rocks, play in the hay loft, and help Ol’ Major catch a Ground Hog witch he never did ’cause he was lookin’ after me. He was givin to me by Uncle Port who said he was born on the same day I was. He was part German Shepard and part hound dog Just enough Shepard to be Smart and enough hound to be a good tracker and huntin’ dog but his job was to keep me out of trouble and he meant it.One night our family was walking home from a neighbors house down the road a piece from the Beans place where us kids were listening to Inner Sanctom on the the radio and and the grownups played cards while listening with one ear. It was late, they said their goodbys and we started walking back home less than a quarter mile. It was dark, just a fingernail moon…. Tree Frogs and Whipoor Wills and every kind summer bug singing to the night. While the bull frogs on Beans Pound was tryin’ to drown each other out in the shallow water and green moss. I was in the lead kicking rocks Ol’ Major now 5 years old was right behind me then J.D. and Wanda and Mom and Dad brought up the rear. Head lights came over the hill Mom said “get over kids” ……they came closer mom yelled Larry Dean you get over now…. I thought I was but she meant in the ditch. Here come Ol’ Major hit me about thigh high knock me sprawling into the ditch and stood over me. I got mad as all get out. You dadgum hound! I’ll knock the daylites outa you and started kickin him, Mom grab me and stood me up and said leave him alone he might o’ saved yer hide. From then on she didn’t much care where I went, as long as that dog was with me…..

There was always something to do on the farm Dad needed as much help as he could get cause old man Nicholson kept him busy sun up till 4 or 5 pm when he had to get home and milk. I was to small but J.D. and Wanda helped with the cows. I might change the strainers in the milk funnel or kick some hay around in the concrete manjor so the cows good get at it better since their heads were locked in the stall. But that was about it. But in the morning I could sleep in while every one else had to get up … now that’s livin’ high on the hog especially in the winter when it’s 3 below and snowing. Dad got up first about five in the winter to start the fires in the old wood stoves then Mom and finally J.D. about 5:30 Wanda if it wasn’t too cold. The school bus came by at about 730 and we were in class at Ash Grove Grade school by 8 am. There was a pretty little girl in my class that lived a short distance down T highway and boy she had me twitter patted. she had dark hair, pretty eyes and always dressed just right and I was in love. I think she liked me too but couldn’t tell for sure. But I pestered her all through first grade. Her name was Janice Lou Wilson and it was me and her and Billy, and his cousin Jimmy on the play ground. My rival was Billy and I had to find a way around him to be close to her I always wanted her to sit next to me on the bus but I was a cowered and wouldn’t ask….she always sat with Billy. But 2nd grade I was more mature and I put some Lucky Tiger in my hair and she started to notice. One day the teacher was gone; it was raining and we couldn’t go outside for recess so when no one was looking we snuck into the cloak closet and she kissed me. Right then and there I made up my mind I was a lover not a fighter. We moved away to Overland Park KS while I was in the third grade and I never saw her again. That is till about 8 years later when I had my own car and I drove down to Springfield to visit my cousin Berle Floyd, and show off my ’51 Ford Club coupe with the shaved hood and trunk with flipper hub caps and lowered 4″ in the rear end. I was Livin’ large………told my cousin I’m going to go see an old girl friend in Ash Grove wanna tag along ( I wanted him to see her wrap her arms around my neck and Squeel with delight, then I would make a date. I wasn’t real sure she still lived there but when your 18 anything is a probably. I drove in the drive way …everything look the same. I knocked on the door.. a woman answered and I said is Janice Wilson here… she said yes…. she came to the door… boy shes even prettier than I remembered. I said Hy Janice ….she said hy ….remember me from ah ah…Grade school…. she opened the door looked all over my face and said no. ‘Member we were in the first second and third grade together me you and Billy and Jimmie. Billy Carl? I said yes ….she said we’re engaged. I got back in the car Berle says how ‘d it go man…..I said she has amnesia.