Sleepless in DeSoto

Normally about 10 PM one of us will get sleepy and we’ll go to bed. But Saturday I helped an old friend put new siding on his new barn. Now people don’t build barns anymore but this is a special barn and I hadn’t been on a scaffolding in years and I’ll admit maybe I was enjoying the the climbing up and down and showing the other guy’s I still had it. We only had about five hours worth of work to do and even after a break for coffee and a small Micky D’s hamburger I walked away a little bent over feeling like I had just work 3 days straight with out a break.

I got home and did a little mechanical work on my easy chair ( I put a rear end in it ) and spent most of the rest of the day there. Sunday we went to church; then out to dinner with my two brothers and their wives a sister and a nice and got home about 5 pm…. I watched the last of a game and waited for the one I really wanted to see (Chicago 7-1 and Houston 7-1 in Soldier Field). Game starts; and my eyes get heavy (I guess my week end is catching up with me) nothing much happening in the game right now I’ll just rest my eyeees… zzzzzzzzzzzz …whoah gotta wake up here, Houston just scored …..zzzzzzzzzzzzz. ……Whoa half time gotta get up go to the bath room… I’ll just record it and watch it tomorrow afternoon. Now I’m thinking I’ll just brush, floss and flush and climb in bed before I get woke up it’ll feel soooooo gooood. oh no;;; Rosie comes in…. goin’ to bed? …uhuh….yeah me too…uhuh….. I lie down and cover up and ..zzzz … did you know, that moles don’t have baby’s in the winter?….. only in the summer, and that’s why they are so active…. Do you think we could just trap them and take them out into the country and turn them loose? ….zzzzUhuh…..mole you have a mole????  what….zzzzz… well good night dear kisssy kisssy huggy huggy … Now she had been looking through Netflix’s whole inventory of movies on her laptop in the dining room in her bare feet … wood floor… while I had been in my easy chair covered up with a fuzzy blanket…I mean I was 98.6 degrees from head to to toe……. and then it happened…She touched me with a foot that was 22 degrees below zero and my eye lids sprung  open so fast they stuck in the up position and I go achhhhhh……. she coolly says you know you should look in to why your so up tight all the time. Then Silence……..I close my eyes and then I start thinking yeah you might as well of hit me in the shin with a Croquet Mallet ……..but I say I’m sorry babe I just……I open my right eye and sure enough she has her blanket up around her neck, with her back to me and she is as far north as she can get. But I am not deterred I close my eyes,…… hour later I wake up and suddenly all the coffee I drank during the day kicked in and I was up and down two or three times and was not sleepy anymore …I looked at the clock midnight……( then this song creeps into my head )one more night without sleepin’ ….green door what’s that secret your keepin’ … there’s an eyeball peekin’ through a smokey cloud behind the green door … when I said Joe sent me someone laughed out loud behind the green door … all I want to do is join the happy crowd behind the green door… lets see how did the rest of that song go aaaahhh…. I get up… might as well watch the game I recorded…..I get my blanket turn on the TV  and watch in silence, fast forwarding thru all the commercials and the replays till about an hour later the recording stopped because I forgot to add extra time to the game… games that start at noon are over at three no matter what, but games that start at 7pm are over at 2 in the morning … but I forgot… let’s see Chicago was behind 6 points and Houston was kickin’ butt so……at 2:30 AM, I go back to bed and wake at my usual time ………….5:30 AM.