Summer Time

Well I guess it’s here…..summer that is. Not official yet but it seems warm enough. Remember wishing it would warm up so you could do all those things that needed done… are they done yet. Yeah I know me nether. Well, I do have the kitchen almost done, the paint on the outside of the house is still good for one more year I got some new gravel on the drive way, painted the living room including the ceiling had the floors refinished, bought new furniture, and a new T.V…..Maybe I am done …for now anyway. ‘course there’s always the yard. The weeds are BACK again…didn’t spray for them last fall and the moles were so bad that most of them left because they kept running into each other… so the yard has been completely plowed underneath. But all in all what ever is left over at the end of summer can wait till next year……I’m goin’ fishin’….