The Upright Bass

We were almost home when my wife Rosie says stop the car there is a guitar in that guys trash. I stopped, and she pulled a cello out of a pile of junk and threw it in the car. I took it home glued it back together and it is still a good if somewhat ragged old instrument setting in the corner of my studio. About a year later, I got a call from my wife. she said there is a house in the neighborhood that has an up right bass for sale leaning against the garage. I said what does it look like,….. oh it’s white, but I think it is broken. I said well if it is white it’s probably fiberglass and you wouldn’t want that one. I don’t know she says, I think you should take a look at it. So I run back home and pick her up and we are in the front yard in no time talking to the owner and looking it over. The head was broke off and laying to one side but I could tell by the way it was broke that epoxy glue would fix that just fine and the finger board would have to be replaced along with the tail piece and bridge because they were gone. I could see she wanted it. So we payed the $45.00 the guy wanted and I took it home to the shop and started to work on it. I paid a visit to a violin shop, got some used strings and tail piece and bridge and bought a piece of maple for the fret board and in a couple of days she was playing her new old bass happy as a clam. My wife is a born junk dealer. She sees things that people want to throw away and knows they still have lots of life left in them. Some day she may have to make a decision about me….I hope she makes the right one.