The Brown Grand Theater Show

The Brown GrandThe band just got back from performing a show in Concordia KS at the Brown Grand Theater, what a great show and what a great theater. It was well attended and well received. Margie LeBlanc was the headliner and the crowed loved her, the old theater hasn’t heard vocals like that in quite a while. The band was great and even when we played our closing theme song over half the crowd stayed till the last note. This was our third trip to the Brown and we hope to do it again soon. There’s just something about this old theater that has great acoustics; you don’t need much of a sound system to reach every inch of the floor space. Tex and Mary Schutz played a few numbers along with Roger Tibbs from New Zealand and Pat Boileson and Elton Flodman from NE they all did a fine job too. Elton Flodman was producer and director of the event and he’s already talking about another one since so many people said it was his best show to date.