The Old Haunted Mansion

Across the road and at the top of the hill, NW of our old farm house where we lived for a time, there was an old mansion. It stood empty for a while after the old lady that lived there alone, died. I didn’t have anything to do and being the very curious lad that I was, I thought I should check it out. Since it was out in the country and nobody around, I should go see what was in there. I walked up the old driveway and into the yard, the place looked like time had stood still for a hundred years. I looked through the parlor window and saw some very old furniture and an upright piano and a book case full of books against the wall. That did it I had to see what else was in there. I found a window on the front porch that would raise and give me easy entry. Trees all around the house and being a long way from the road no one could see and no one could help if I ran into something I couldn’t handle. I looked around the parlor; tried the old piano one key at a time and walked into the living room where there were more books but nothing else. Most of the books were from the turn of the century and all had names of authors I knew from school. Into the large empty kitchen, I looked out onto the closed in back porch that led to( I guess) a smoke house. Then over to the stairs. I crept up the creaking old stair case my heart beating faster then if I was running a race. There was a hall way at the top of the stairs with three bedrooms, one on left then on the right and one straight ahead at the end. The first two were empty but the one on the end was furnished with 1890s bed, chairs ,bookcase, table, with old lamps. An old tapestry rug rug on the floor. there was one closet on my right that was full of old ladies garments and old shoes just like they had walked out and left them there and would be back soon. Suddenly the hair stood up on the back of my neck….did I see what I thought I just saw… my eyes went back to the upper shelf and there they were two light blue eyes staring right through me, wild blonde hair with no body just a head. My heart stopped,… time stood still….my mind had to analyze it cause I couldn’t move… just a dolls head… finally my eyes blinked and I took a long deep breath stepped back out of the closet and down the stairs I had had enough for one day…. later we would move into the old house were I found some real treasure in the attic but that’s another story for another day.