Competitive Archery

I used to shoot Target Archery and I made many friends while trying to be the best I could at it, as did everyone else. One such fellow had the mechanics but not the temperament for the game just like me and many others, because once you mastered all the expertise for the game and the equipment was sound, you still had to have the mental make up to perform under pressure. Like so many others he was great in practice but let his nerves ruin his chances of winning when it counted most. I was like that though we both won a few, we usually came in second or worse and so it went. But Bill would take out his frustrations on him self more than others and one such time he and I were practicing on the course and he was having a bad day. He shot a recurve bow that had an aluminum center section or handle you might say. He missed his shot at 25 yrds started cussing that bow like a hated enemy and threw it down in the mud and jumped up and down on it. he finally calmed down enough to stop and pick it up to see if he had damaged it and sure enough the handle was bent putting everything out of alignment; he pack it up and left. At the next meet he had it for sale and one of the top shooters bought it and said he thought it looked bent but at that price he was going to try to fix it. The next time we had a contest this same guy beat Bill with that same bow. I looked at Bill; he looked at me and just shook his head.