The Greenlease Murder

Many years ago in Kansas City there was a very successful car dealer by the name Greenlease. His little boy Bobby was kidnapped and murdered and the crime took place in our neighborhood. I was in grade school at the time and we were all playing in the school yard at recess. It was a one room country school on the edge of the city with all eight grades. Just before you come to the school from either direction on ninety fifth street, there was a sign that said Slow/ School. Meaning slow down there is a school here of course we joked that it meant this was a school full of slow to learn kids. But if a car went by too fast we would yell at them to slow down. This day a green panel truck went by at a very fast clip and we all shouted at it and one of the boys actually threw a rock at it that missed and caused no harm, then the bell rang and we went inside. A day or so later FBI agents came by the school to ask if anyone saw anything and we all said we saw this truck going like a bat out of hell east on ninety fifth. That evening I couldn’t wait to get home and tell my Mom about the FBI coming to the school. When I got there they were at my house and talking to my Mother. We also lived on ninety fifth street about a mile and a quarter from the school. She told them that she had heard shots coming from an old hedge row about a quarter mile strait East of the house but thought they were bird hunters. When the FBI searched the area, they found some evidence that proved that it took place there. Now the hedge row is gone and there are houses in all directions and every time I go by there I wonder; dose anybody know what terrible thing happened in their back yard.